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Nutrition Shakes for a Healthy Lifestyle

Want good nutrition benefits from a delicious shake? Here's how to choose—and use—the best ones. Shakes were once among the best-kept secrets in the fitness world. Bodybuilders drank them daily for muscle enhancement, dieters used them to control both calories and appetite and so-called health nuts… Lire la suite

Moving Into Ongoing Weight Loss

As you leave behind the regimen of Induction, it's time to proceed with caution! First of all, congratulations on reaching the first stage of your goal! Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) is where you'll start tailoring the Atkins Nutritional Approach™ to fit your special tastes; it's what makes Atkins so… Lire la suite

Love Eating Out? Love This!

Adore eating out, but afraid of the consequences? The truth is that almost any cuisine can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Whether your passion is American or Chinese, Italian or Mexican, you'll find that by adhering to a few basic principles, you can sample all the tastes the world has… Lire la suite

Love Atkins? Spread the Word!

It’s a wonderful feeling when you’ve lost a few pounds (or 50!) on Atkins and your friends and family start to notice. After seeing your results, they may even want to start Atkins, too. Here’s what you need to answer their questions and help get them started: How… Lire la suite

Low-Carb More Effective in Lowering Blood Pressure than Low-Fat and Orlistat

A study recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine has demonstrated that a low-carb diet is more effective at lowering blood pressure than the weight–loss drug orlistat in concert with a low-fat diet. William S. Yancy, Jr., an associate professor of medicine at Duke University Medical Center and… Lire la suite

Kitchen Couture: Customizing Your Healthy Home

Welcome ! Since there are hundreds of delicious recipes that are just a click away on the main site, in this article we're going to concentrate on food shopping, selecting appliances and utensils, and cooking techniques. Whether you've just learned to boil water or you're a whiz in the… Lire la suite

It's Not Just a Matter of Raw Willpower

The Willpower Myth The myth: Successful weight loss is simply a matter of willpower. The reality: Like hair color, you inherit your metabolism, and metabolic characteristics vary greatly among individuals. Some of the best demonstrations that genes control metabolism involve research on identical twins. When many sets of twins were… Lire la suite

How to Do Pre-Maintenance, Part 1

Phase three is crucial to getting your weight under control for good, but it is also about taking control of your life and your health. To reduce your long-term risks for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes, there is nothing more effective than maintaining a healthy weight. But… Lire la suite

How to Deal with Temptation

It may be unrealistic to think that once you've reached your goal weight, you will never again overindulge again, but there are ways to minimize the damage. Your trusted friends—the foods that are rich in protein and good fat and helped you reach your goal weight—are also your… Lire la suite

Holiday Recipe Menu 2008

2008 Atkins Holiday Menu Appetizer Cheddar and Scallion Pie Squares Salad Field Greens, Pears, and Gouda Main Dish Maple-Mustard Glazed Ham Main Dish Alternate Roast Chicken with Wild Mushrooms Side Vegetables Broccoli Florets with Lemon Butter Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes Desert Maple Walnut Bread Pudding … Lire la suite

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This site uses essential cookies to function. It also uses non-essential cookies for marketing and advertising. For more information please see ourPrivacy Policy.

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