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Atkins diet Beach Body Survey reports big bellies have self-conscious Americans taking cover

77% of Americans Wear Something Over their Bathing Suits while 63% are Most Self-Conscious about Bulging Tummies this Summer Lire la suite


Indiana resident crowned first Atkins diet superstar

Meghan Cook Chosen from Hundreds of Entries in the Atkins Success Story Superstar Competition Lire la suite


In U.S. News diet rankings, look closer at Atkins

Millions of consumers and over 60 peer-reviewed scientific studies support the efficacy and safety of the Atkins Diet Lire la suite


Modified Atkins diet shows promise as treatment for epileptic children in Indian clinical trial

Over 60 peer-reviewed scientific studies have supported the efficacy and safety of the Atkins Diet for both short and long term weight loss. Lire la suite


Sugar in your diet: not so sweet

Argues Atkins Diet and Gary Taubes, Author of Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It Lire la suite


New low-carb breakfast-inspired flavors added to Atkins Nutritionals' popular Day Break

These new low-sugar additions offer a delicious and satisfying breakfast or mid-morning snack for those on the go. Lire la suite


Dukan Diet, where is the science?

Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., wants you to know there is no legitimate comparison between the two approaches. Lire la suite


Getting off the diet rollercoaster is easy, fast and free with Atkins

Atkins Launches 2011 Marketing Campaign With Free Weight Loss Kit, Digital Initiatives & New Chef Program Lire la suite


Atkins CEO Monty Sharma appears on the Fox Business network

Atkins CEO Monty Sharma talks with Neil Cavuto of the Fox Business Network Lire la suite


Atkins Nutritionals introduces new ways to snack smart this fall

For the first time, Atkins offers cookies in addition to new flavors of its best-selling snack bars Lire la suite

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